Cat Photography and Portraits in Greater Perth, WA

When I started doing cat photography I understood that, to inexperienced photographers, cats can be quite hard to deal with. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get good photos of your favorite four-legged family member.

Some kittens are really moody! It almost seems like they don’t like to be photographed, but with time, I also learned that there are ways to get beautiful portrait shots of any cat. It’s just a matter of understanding them, and making them feel comfortable around a new person (and if you’ve had cats for a while, you know that’s sometimes not as easy as it sounds).

As you may be aware of, felines are not the kind of animals that cooperate a lot, but being patient and friendly goes a long way. Especially when taking photos.

In the end that’s the purpose: make them look as cute as possible! And hiring a photographer that is used to working with cats like I am is a must if you want that to happen.

I have had several photos of my pets photographed by Michelle and they have become the most beautiful lasting memories that I will treasure forever. The canvas print is the most gorgeous photo I have of my little Toby.
— Lyn Wilkins, 5 Star Google Review

My experience doing photo sessions with cats

Most of the things I learned about photographing cats and kittens came from doing volunteer work with cat shelters. Helping stray kittens find a home where they could be cared for and loved was something that helped develop my love for cat photography, and it helped me understand them better than most other photographers.

I regularly go to clients' homes to photograph their kitties, and I have to say, the personality of cats is definitely more consistent than that of dogs.

Usually, cats are quiet and serious, they are usually just minding their own business, and if the photographer knows what they are doing, they can get really amazing photos of your fuzzy friend.


What do you need for the “purrfect” cat photo session?

When photographing kitties, we can easily incorporate props or other ideas that can be more difficult with other animals. But I like to plan the session according to how my client wants their photos to be. The main thing to do is to treat your cat with respect, and never force them to do something they don’t want to, or be somewhere where they don’t want to be.

If you love the way your pet fixates on things, with that adventurous and curious expression that cats often make, it can be as easy as grabbing their attention with a nice treat or a toy. I love taking advantage of a cat’s natural curiosity. They can’t resist the temptation, and that way you can get lovely photos.

Patience is also a key component when photographing felines, I like to sit with them until I know it’s the right time to take the photos. Cats always put themselves in awkwardly cute situations that you don’t want to miss. That’s the amazing thing about cats, they always do unique quirky things, that make us smile with an “Awww..” If your cat is sleepy, we can often get some adorable yawning photos. 

If your kitty is one of those rare specimens that feel comfortable with you dressing them up, it can also make up for adorable portraits that will make you smile every time you look at them, even something as simple as putting a little hat on their head can make the session a memorable one.

Cat and owner photography

I actually encourage clients to participate in my cat photo sessions as much as possible, so if you'd also like to be in the photos that's great!

It can make your cat feel safer, and you can do things outside of camera frame to make them look in a specific angle or play with them while I wait for the perfect shot of that alert look with their ears up.

If you have a dog that has a healthy relationship with your cat, bringing them together will also make for a lovely picture, photos of kittens or cats and dogs together and the love they can sometimes share is always charming.

Choosing a cat photo session location

Here are a few tips I give clients about where to do their photo sessions, although I’d love if you called me so that we can figure your thoughts about what the ideal photo shoot for your pet would be, on 0439 906 523.

Photo shoots in the client’s house

Most cats will be much more relaxed if photographed in their own homes, as new environments can make them nervous or anxious, so it can be really difficult to get them calm enough for a photo shoot. In their own home, your cat will often be more relaxed and willing.

One of the great things people like to do, is to start getting photos of their little kitty since the day they adopt him. Not long after bringing a new cat into your home is one of the greatest moments to take pictures of them, that’s when they haven't fully gotten used to all of the new things to explore, and are full of curiosity getting to know and learn the new world they've been brought into. That can make for really fun shots all day long!

I travel all over Perth for photoshoots, so would be happy to come to you.

Photo shoots in my studio, in Gidgegannup

You can also come to my home and photo studio in Gidgegannup. It’s a great natural environment and I have an indoor studio that we can customise in many different ways to make your cat look perfect.