Pet Photography in Australind, WA

Australind is a fair drive from Gidgegannup but seeing as a I like travelling and exploring I always get a vibrant feeling whenever I head out that direction. Everyone out there is so relaxed and it’s such a modern and wonderful community, so it’s always a joy when I have requests to go there!

There are great locations to visit with your pet in Australind and its surroundings, and I know there are plenty of gorgeous spots to conduct photo sessions.


Almost all of Australind is surrounded by water, having the Brunswick and Collie Rivers to the east and South, and the Leschenault Estuary to the west. And with its heritage trails and many dog exercise parks, plus the Leschenault Peninsula Conservation Park, there are plenty spots to take beautiful pictures. But I’ll be also glad if you just want me to go to your home and take pictures of your pet right there.

Here are some of my favourite locations in Australind for photo or portrait shoots:

Leschenault recreation park and Clifton community reserve

If you want to have a great day with your dog and let him find some friends without travelling too far away from Australind, I’d suggest going to the Clifton Community Reserve for your photo session. Many people go there to walk their dogs, and it’s filled with pure natural beauty. An important thing about this park is that you can have your dog off-the-leash there all the time.

Australind’s coast and rivers

If you’re from Australind then I don’t need to tell you that the Leschenault Estuary provides a beautiful setting to take photos, bringing your pet with you on a trip to see the estuary and get some cute photos of them.

You can easily reach the lake from almost any point in Cathedral Ave. or Old Coast Road, but there’s one place in Old Coast Rd. that I think you shouldn’t miss: the Leschenaults Waterways Discovery Centre. To me, this is one of the greatest sunset photo spots you can find in Australind, plus it’s a popular fishing spot.

Leschenault Peninsula Conservation Park

You could also go to the Leschenault Peninsula, there’s a lot of terrain to cover to find great photo spots in the Conservation Park, but there’s something you’ll get as a certainty here; you’ll have an amazing day!

Filled with picnic and camping areas, you’ll have all you need to have a family day with your furry friend after enjoying your pet’s photo shoot.

The Leschenault Peninsula conservation Park’s entrance is at the northern end of Australind, and it’s a nature lover’s paradise. You won’t regret having a photo session there.


If you'd like to book in a photo shoot in Australind or its surroundings I can go anywhere in the Shire of Harvey (I'm really happy to travel for shoots), give me a call on 0439 906 523 or email and let's chat about a good time to meet up for the photo session.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!