Pet Photography in Fremantle, WA

Beautiful Fremantle beach, a great place for some photos of your favourite pet

Beautiful Fremantle beach, a great place for some photos of your favourite pet

I’ve had all kinds of requests to travel for pet photo sessions, and Fremantle’s coastline is one of my favourites!

If you live in or around Fremantle you already know how many cool places there are to photograph your pet, and if you don’t, but still want to go there for a visit, booking a bit of time to get some beautiful photos with your pet is a great idea!

Freo has a great mix of old and new buildings, so your choice of location for a photo shoot can range from the beach, to gardens in a colonial heritage building, or local markets surrounded by buskers!

You probably already know that Fremantle is right where the Swan River meets the ocean, because of this, Fremantle has magnificent ocean and river beaches to go to and view amazing sunsets which make the perfect backdrop for animal photography. There's so many good places to take photos of your pet though (including me coming to your home and taking photos there).

Best Places in Freo For Photographing Your Pet

Here are some of my favourite locations in Fremantle for photo or portrait shoots:

Beaches in Fremantle

There are many wonderful beaches in Fremantle, with white sands and gorgeous sunsets, so if you want cute beach photos of your pet, you have the perfect setting right around you. Especially since most beaches are just a stone’s throw away from the city centre. And have great popular beachside cafés, so we can choose easily between a few different locations.

If you just want to take a quick walk to the beach, and take some pictures, South Beach and Bathers Beach are good choices.

Parks in Fremantle

Fremantle has many renowned parks, most of them have everything you need for beautiful pictures, with big expanses of green space and trees for shade and contrast.

For a good photo session, I’d suggest going to the Esplanade Park, with its beautiful Norfolk pines. A great place to get relaxed photos with your pet. 

Fremantle’s Rich Culture

Pet portraits don't have to be in nature. Something that's great about Fremantle is all the captivating heritage buildings, that can provide a lot of rich historic context to your photos.

For example, in Fremantle you can find “The Round House”, and get some photos of your dog taken in front of the oldest intact building in Western Australia. It's also very close to Bathers Beach, if you also want some photos there.

Book in a photo shoot 

If you'd like to book in a photo shoot in Fremantle or nearby suburbs like Cottesloe, Peppermint Grove, Hilton, O'Connor, Beaconsfield (or any other suburbs, I'm really happy to travel for shoots), give me a call on 0439 906 523 or email

I look forward to speaking with you soon!