Pet Photography in Joondalup, WA

Ever since I found out about Joondalup’s Dogs Day Out I fell in love with the community. I think having a special day to celebrate man’s best friend and to unite pet lovers, wherever they are is an awesome idea! Plus, it’s a great day to find lots of dogs to take pictures of them. Especially in the fun Puparazzi Red Carpet they set up, where you can make your dog feel like a superstar.

The City of Joondalup has lots of excellent parks and reserves to exercise your dog, but most of them have beautiful settings for pet photography, the only thing you need to remember is that most of them will require your dog to be on a leash.

If you’d rather photograph your dog off-leash, being free and having fun, the best thing would be to run the photo session in your home, also doing it that way will make your dog be more comfortable with the camera, as he is in a place he knows, so he will feel more confident. 


You can take your pet to be photographed in many locations around Joondalup, most of the city is welcoming towards dogs, and have dog waste facilities. But many locations require your dog to be on a leash.

The best location would likely be a dog friendly beach, but if you want to go to your favourite park be aware that there are some where dogs aren’t allowed (like Central Park or Whitford Nodes), so make sure you check the signage at the park before setting up the session there.

Here are a couple locations where we could do the photo session, if you aren’t sure of where to do it:

Hillary's Dog Beach

Hillary's Dog Beach is a designated beach in Joondalup where your dog can run free, as it has an off-lead area.

Not just that, if you want a photo session for a horse, there’s also a special spot to do that too!

It has plenty of space filled with dog lovers and fun, so if your dog is very sociable, he’ll have a great time! With lots of facilities for your dog, the Hillary's dog beach can make for a great day out with your four-legged friend, and a beautiful place to take photos of him while he’s having fun.

Parks in Joondalup

Joondalup’s parks used to be not very friendly towards dog photo sessions, as most of them used to be “must-be-on-a-leash” areas, but since last year things have started to change, and the community is becoming more friendly towards dogs. New dog exercise parks are being fenced to allow your four-legged friend to run free while protecting him from getting into trouble.

Beaumaris Park for instance can provide a great setting for your dog’s portraits, It’s a lovely little park, that’s always quiet and peaceful and it has a pond, bushland and a pathway through it. It also has a picnic are where you can relax while the photo session is being done


If you'd like to book in a photo shoot in Joondalup or surrounding suburbs in Perth, I’ll be glad to go there to meet you, just give me a call on 0439 906 523 or email and let's organise a time.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!