Pet Photography in Northam, WA

Ah! The Shire of Northam, such a green-filled lovable little place, in the heart of the Avon Valley. Northam offers gorgeous spots to do pet portrait sessions.

If you’re in Northam, you don’t have to bring your pet to a fancy photo studio to get memorable portraits of them, unless you want too, in which case my studio in Gidgegannup is fairly close. 

But if you'd rather use a natural location close to you I’d be really glad to go to Northam and take the cutest pictures of your pet, so they can stay forever young and happy, in a beautiful photo to cherish the memory of your furry friend for many years to come!

If you want me to go to your home in Northam or Wundowie to photograph your pet, I’m sure it’ll be a joy to take pictures of them right in the place where they're most comfortable.

But if you'd rather use a natural location, there are many gorgeous spots around Northam and Wundowie where we can do portrait sessions for your pet, as the Avon Valley offers lots of green landscapes where we can go to get really memorable pictures.

Best places to photograph your pet in Northam

In Northam, there are many places where we can photograph your pet, there are great pet-friendly areas near Victoria Oval, the Jubilee Oval or Duke Street, where your pet can be off the leash, have fun, run and play, and make sure they have a lot of fun and be smiley (and cooperative) for her portrait session.

We could even try to get photos of your pet in Northam’s Heritage Trails, where your furry friend will be surrounded by historical buildings. Just get your pet dressed up (if that’s your thing) and bring them there so we can get the best photos ever. Because, as you may know, Northam is second only to Fremantle for the number of historically significant buildings in the area.

Pet Photo sessions by the Avon River

Wouldn’t you love a beautiful photo of your pet on Australia’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge, over the Avon River, with a colony of white swans as a backdrop?

Well, in Northam you can get beautiful settings for portrait sessions, not only by the bridge, but there are many locations by the coast of the Avon River, with lots of lovely dog-friendly bush walks around. Still, you should probably do this in any season other than summer, as the river’s flow goes down a bit, and it’s often a little dry, and you have to be much more careful of snakes when it's hot.

But you probably already know this, so going in the winter when the river really runs is when it’s most beautiful.


If you'd like to book in a photo shoot in Northam or Wundowie, I can easily go to your town (It’s really close, I’m in Gidgegannup), I’ll be really happy to go and meet you and your pets, give me a call on 0439 906 523 or email and we'll organise a time to take some lovely pictures.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!