Pet Photography in Toodyay, WA

Photography and animals are the two things I love the most, and discovering new places and new people (and their pets!) is just a nice plus I get from doing what I love to do (take pet photos).

So naturally, going to Toodyay for pet photo sessions is always a joy to me. As the Avon Valley is one of my favorite locations, with many lovely spots for photography.

If you live in Toodyay, there’s no need to take your pet out of your house if you don’t want to, we can organise the shoot in your house or backyard on your property, I’ll be glad to go there!

Otherwise, there are many gorgeous spots around Toodyay to photograph your pet, and you might want to choose where the photo session will be located, but if you're stuck for ideas I can suggest some great places to go:

Best places to photograph your pet in Toodyay

With many nature reserves and a very pet-friendly community, Toodyay offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing the perfect location for a pet photo shoot.

My favourite places are those where you can go and have a fun day with your pet, somewhere he’ll be able to run and play free, and make sure he gets in a joyful mood to look happy in his portraits.

Beautiful rivers, green fields, plains with foggy landscapes (you may already know how beautiful foggy mornings are in Toodyay), everything is possible if you go out to have a nice photo session day with your dog. 

Photograph your pet in some of natural locations Toodyay offers

First of all, I have to talk about Noble Falls Trail. Ok, I know that Noble Falls is maybe closer to Gidgegannup than Toodyay, I’m from Gidgegannnup, so I can't leave this place out. :) If you and your pet are in the mood for a lovely walk in the spring, you can’t miss Noble Falls.

The river, the gorgeous green, the picnic areas, it’s impossible to not get amazing pictures there. Just let your dog paddle through the shallows and jump a little over the rocks. And maybe, if the river is low, swim a little bit. Just make sure he swims after the photo session. We don’t want him to look all soaked in his pictures or they can come out a little straggly.

There are many more great places to go, like the Acacia Reserve, with lots of bushland in good condition, or the Balgaling Reserve, where you can get some portraits of your pets against rocky landscapes.


If you'd like to book in a photo shoot in Toodyay, it’s your lucky day: I’m right here in Gidgegannup and can easily travel to you. I’ll be really happy to meet you and your pets, just give me a call on 0439 906 523 or email and let's organise a good time.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!