Dog Photography and Portraits in Greater Perth, WA

Dogs are very special beings. To them, love is everything (although food is a close second). What I have always loved about dogs, not just as a dog photographer but ever since I was a kid, is that almost every action they decide to take, has to do with making you (their owner) happy. To me, they go way beyond being just a “best friend”. I like to think of them in the category of “soul companions”.

That’s the reason why I’m so passionate about dog photography. Being able to capture a brief moment of you and your dog happy together, having that special connection that only dogs can build with their owners. That makes it all worth it.

Michelle took photos of my 10 week old pup and did such an amazing job in catching his personality on film. Even his funny shots catch his quirkiness <3 Fully recommend her for her pictures and for how she connects with her subjects
— Perth Homeless, 5 Star Google review

My Experience Doing Photo Sessions with Dogs

To date, I’ve photographed dozens of dogs and their owners, I’ve had lots of different breeds and personalities, either coming to my studio, or going to do photo sessions at their home or out in nature. If there’s something that I’ve learned from that, is how to connect with animals, and how to get them looking very cute in photos!

That’s not as easy as it sounds, when photographing dogs, there’s no way to know how things are going to end up, but this makes the experience beautiful. Different dogs and owners make for some pretty original experiences, and I’m always eager to get to know passionate dog owners and their gorgeous puppies, and see what beautiful images I can take in a session.

The most important thing about a dog’s photo, is to make it memorable. My approach is to get to know both you and your dog a little bit before the shoot, to find out the unique part of their personality you want to capture. Whether it’s their way of “smiling” while whipping their tail, showcasing a funny moment, or just getting in touch with how cuddly your dog is when they're close to you.

Dog photography FAQ

These are some frequent questions dog owners ask me when they call, so I hope I can answer most of the things you might want to know. Alternatively, you can call me direct on 0439 906 523 and we'll go through everything you need to know. 

What do I need to start a dog photo session?

A dog that you own (seriously, don’t pick up the neighbor’s dog just because you want a beautiful photo shoot lol).

What if my dog isn’t well trained, or doesn’t like the camera?

I'm very experienced working with animals, so usually we can get even the trickiest dog to behave. Have a look at the session preparation page for more information.

Should I groom my dog before the photo session?

Yes! A well groomed dog will look much better in photos.

What do you think about Dog and owner photography

I think that's a great idea, if that's the approach you'd like to take! Play with your dog, hug them, kiss them, and I’ll take care of the photos! They are going to be very beautiful memories.

What about extra people or animals in the photoshoot? Is it going to cost more?

If you have any special requirements please give me a call on 0439 906 523 and let's discuss. If you want to find more about getting a portrait session for your cat, just let me know and we can also set one up.


I understand what it means to lose a pet, because of that, I offer a special discount on Farewell Sessions. It would be an honor to take some portrait photos of your dog before they say goodbye. If you want to find out more go to my Farewell Sessions page.

Choosing a location For your dog photo session

Photo shoots in your house

Many owners are more comfortable with me going to their houses for the photo shoot. After all, that’s where your dog will be most comfortable, as it is their natural environment. But it has pros and cons.

Your home will be the easiest and safest place to get good photos, as the dog is generally not anxious. If you are wondering about how these photo shoots go; there’s no need to photograph your pup in every room of the house, usually just one room with good lighting is enough. So you don’t have to bring a cleaning crew home to make your house look perfect. Your backyard can be another option. I like to keep it simple (and so will your dog).

When setting up a photo shoot of your dog in your own home you might choose to keep it simple, although there’s nothing necessary to bring to the session (besides me!) the photos will feel more familiar and heartwarming, and the memories brought up by the photo will resemble the memories of your dog inside your home if you choose a familiar environment to take the photos in.

Photo shoots in the open: beaches, parks, street

This one can be a little challenging, as some pets can get really nervous around other people and animals. If you don’t think your pet would be comfortable doing a photoshoot in a crowded area, then there are ways to work around it. I can share with you some beautiful locations all over Perth, and show you some pictures in those locations so you can decide for yourself if you’d like to take some nature shots.

The thing about going to a special location for the photo session is exactly that, it’s extra special, it’s exciting. And the best part: you get to create a new memory with your pet, and take them to do something new and fun. I love these sessions, dogs with lots of energy running around and playing with their owners can be some of the most beautiful moments to capture.

Photo shoots in my studio, in Gidgegannup

To my pets’ joy, I have 5 acres available for running, playing and having fun. It’s also a great environment with lots of beautiful spots to take photos. Alternatively I have a studio set up in my home if you want something more posed. If you are thinking about doing both outdoor and indoor photography, then coming to my place is a good option, otherwise I'm more than happy to come to you!