Pet Photography in Yanchep and Wanneroo, WA

If you live Yanchep or anywhere in Wanneroo, I’ll be really happy to travel to your location and set up a lovely portrait shoot for your pet. Just give me a call and I’ll be ready to talk you through the process.

We can get beautiful photos of your pet inside your home, if that’s what you want. That way your furry friend will be comfortable and confident, and the photo shoot will be easy and quick for both you and your pet.

But if you’d rather have a little more excitement and get out into the wild, I know that there are many sightseeing locations through Yanchep where we can get gorgeous photos of your pet. If you're really adventurous, we could even attempt to do the photo session in one of Yanchep’s 600 caves (although probably not great for lighting in there..).


Not everyone wants to have a photo shoot of their pet in their home, some people might say that it’s more exciting to take an afternoon out and share it with your dog, have a special day, and cherish it with lots of pictures to keep the memories of that day.

To me, that’s a beautiful thing to do. If you’re thinking about doing something like that, and going with your dog to that special place you know they love because they can run like crazy and have fun, then just let me know where you would like me to go for the shoot, and I’ll be there!

But maybe you haven’t decided on that place, or you have no clue about where that should be. In that case, I have some suggestions that you could enjoy.

Dog friendly beaches in Yanchep

There are three dog-friendly beaches in Yanchep, in those you can take plenty of lovely pictures of your dog being happy between the sand and the sun, or maybe even in the water! I can suggest a couple of great beaches where you can take your dog for their photo shoot, but remember to look for the sections of the beach with the dog-friendly sign!

These are:

  • Quinns Rock Beach
  • Yanchep Lagoon Beach
  • Two Rocks Beach

As Yanchep’s beaches are a popular location, be aware that portions of the beach can be a little busy. They are a great spot to take pictures, with white sand, calm crystal clear water, with parking and path access to the beach, you can’t go wrong with this location.

Parks in Yanchep

Most of us have heard wonders about the Yanchep National Park, and I really think it’s an amazing place, but as you may already know, pets aren’t allowed in the reserve, because they can disturb native flora and fauna. So that’s a no-go.

Also, there are no dog-exercise areas in Yanchep that I know, so If you know of other park areas where we could go, I’d be glad to get to know them.


If you'd like to book in a photo shoot in Yanchep or anywhere in Wanneroo, Eglinton, Carabooda or Pinjar I'll be really happy to travel there for the shoot! Just call me direct on 0439 906 523 or email and let's organise a time to take some amazing photos of your beloved pet.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!