Help For Elderly and Disabled Paw Parents!

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A couple of weeks ago I was holding a stall showcasing my artwork at the Million Paws Walk, and was approached by a lovely lady from an organisation called POOPS. POOPS WA...Pets Of Older Persons! She asked me that if I did any photo sessions for older people who are experiencing difficulty looking after their pets to let them know about POOPS.

POOPS is a not-for-profit organisation that is all about helping to keep people and their pets together. It is run by volunteers who are all fully police cleared and can assist in walking your dog, taking them for vet visits or driving them to a boarding kennel if you will be absent from your home due to accident or illness.

While POOPS particularly supports the over 65’s, they will also assist people of any age that are in palliative care who have no relatives or friends that are willing or able to take responsibility of their pets. If you require assistance temporarily or on a longer term basis due to a health issue, a POOPS volunteer can visit your home and meet with you and your dog. After trust has been developed between your pet and the volunteer, they will begin taking the dog out for walks.

POOPS volunteers spread from the North of Perth to down as far as Busselton! What a massive service range! While all services and transport provided by POOPS are free, the client will still be required to bear the cost of the veterinary fees or boarding kennels.

POOPS say that their service is as much about human wellbeing as it is about animal welfare, and this is definitely true. I couldn’t even imagine the nightmare I would be going through if I were to be in a crisis and have no-one to help me with my critters!

What an awesome group of people!

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