Best Places to Photograph Your Pet in Perth

Getting a photo session with your pet doesn't just have be about the photos. Going to new places and enjoying all the beauty that Perth has to offer can be a really fun experience, not only for us, but also for our four legged friends, and you can turn your photo session into a much longer outing.

These are my picks for the top spots in Perth where we can go and take gorgeous pictures of your fluffy pals.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Perth

How can you think about photography spots in Perth without first thinking about Kings Park? Kings Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the city, filled with history, culture, innovative design, conservation and public education.

Both for Western Australians and tourists, Kings Park is a great place to get in touch with nature, and it is visited by about 6 million people per year, so your pictures can really look alive and active. With a huge biodiversity over 400 hectares of both cultivated gardens and untamed bushland, it's also the biggest botanical garden in the Southern Hemisphere!

In Kings Park, you can photograph your pet on beautiful grassy landscapes with gorgeous views of the Swan and Canning rivers in the background against the city skyline. You won’t run out of spots to take great photos in here.

The only limitation is that dogs should be on a leash and are not permitted within 10 metres of the kids’ playground areas, so keep that in mind.

Hyde Park, Perth

Any sunny day is an excellent day to go to Hyde Park, and it is also one of the most beautiful places to have a photo session.

Located between North Perth and Highgate, Hyde Park is an old-fashioned park with plenty of non-Perth-native trees. This makes it a rather astonishing place to get out of the ordinary pictures. You can photograph your pet around Willows, Plane trees, Jacarandas and Moreton Bay Figs, which is a bit of a rarity for Perth's usual native landscape.

One of my favourite things about Hyde Park is the colour-filled pictures you can get all year long thanks to the deciduous trees. As I said before, if it is a sunny day, the colours just bloom everywhere around the park, and I love the way they turn as the seasons change. For example, you can get gorgeous shades of orange if you go in autumn, which can give a very memorable backdrop of your pet against the landscape. This makes Hyde Park stand out from other parks around Perth.

You can also easily find parking in the surroundings of the park, and another thing to keep in mind is that you should have your dog on a leash when you go.

South Beach, Fremantle

One of the favourite beaches of locals in Fremantle, South Beach is the perfect place to go and get beach photographs of your pet, not only does it have beautiful white sand and clear water, but it’s just a great place to spend the day.

With its many casual cafés and picnic areas, you won’t run out of things to do in South Beach, so you know you’ll have a great day if you decide to have a photo session there.

 You just have to remember that pets aren’t allowed in the north side of the beach, but from the Sailing Club to the south you have 400 meters of beach to let your four legged friend run free and happy between the sand and the water. The south side also has a grassy park area that can add some diversity to the photos of your dog.

Trigg Bushland Reserve, Trigg

Now for some off-the-lead fun! The Trigg Bushland Reserve is a great place to bring your dog to have a lovely nature walk, as well as taking some beautiful shots through the bushland.

The Trigg Bushland Reserve is located just off Karrinyup Road, right before you reach the coast, and it has several entries.

With many great spots to go and trails to follow, you won’t run out of gorgeous settings to photograph your pet. It also has many maps around the way, so don’t worry about getting lost (just stay on the tracks and you’ll be safe).

Just be careful of snakes!

So many beautiful places in Perth to photograph your best friend

These are just a few of the many great locations to take photos of your best friend in Perth. If you need a professional eye or suggestions, I'd love to hear from you and we can organise the perfect location for a photo shoot. Just give me a call on 0439 906 523 or email