Is your dog being naughty? These are the some of the top dog trainers in Perth, WA

As the owner of three dogs, I know that raising and looking after your four-legged friend can sometimes be quite a challenge! If you don’t know much about dog training, the chances are that your dog won’t behave perfectly all the time, unless you're one of the lucky ones whose canine companion is gentle, educated, friendly and obedient by nature (do they even exist!?) :-)

Because of the animal photography sessions I do and my volunteer work with animal shelters, I know that there are a lot of “seasoned” dog owners in Perth that think they are doing what is right for their furry babies, while the truth is that they're either spoiling them a bit too much, or accidentally reinforcing behaviours that should be corrected while thinking they're doing the right thing.

If your dog has been acting out, their behaviour gets out of control, or they won’t listen to you anymore, then you know it might be a good time to get some professional training for your dog. It's also a good idea to brush up on your training skills before a photo shoot, as a well-behaved dog usually means you'll get much better pictures.

So if you're looking for a dog trainer, I happen to know a few good ones:

Dog Dialogue

With over 10 years of experience, Nat McDonald is a canine psychology and behavioural consultant who’s just a natural for the job. When you meet her (and she meets your dog) you’ll understand why.

It’s almost like she can talk to dogs in their language, and you can easily sense how much she loves what she does. Many people all over Perth have had great results hiring her, and not just that, she will also help train your family (humans need training too!) to know exactly what to do, and how to do it, to confidently train your dog in the best way.

Nat is located in Scarborough, but you can find her and contact her on her site or call her direct on 0428 321 978.

Kalmpets – Animal Behaviour Centre

Kalmpets offer a broad range of services with a large team and dog day care facilities as well as training options. They are located in Balcatta, and their services specialise in problem behaviour of both dogs and cats. They have a highly knowledgeable team, skilled at resolving almost any issues your furry friends might be having.

Kalmpets use careful and meticulous scientific methods and through analysis can gain deep insights into your pet’s conduct, going straight to the researched ways of getting to the root of the problem. If your pet’s issues are serious, Kalmpets Animal Behaviour Centre is a very good option to consider! It's also worth checking out their site just to see their logo, it's awesome!

You can reach to them here

Manners 'n' More – Companion Dog Training

With 50 years of combined experience across their team, Manners 'n’ More is a service you will love if you’re worried about not raising your puppy properly.

Manners 'n' More are located in Bibra Lake, and they not only specialise in canine behaviour, but they even have programs and resources for companion and rescue dogs. They have many great services and lots of happy customers who have raised their dogs with them right from their puppies’ very first steps.

Collen and her team will be incredibly helpful in building your dog’s obedience level and conduct so he can be the best dog he can possibly be.

You can reach them through their website: