Mel and Rocky's sunset session at Hillarys Beach Perth.

I recently met with Mel and Rocky for a beautiful sunset session at Hillarys Beach just north of Perth in Western Australia on a gorgeous Autumn day. Mel told me that the beach is her and Rocky's most favourite place in the world to spend their time together.

This particular day the weather was spectacular! The clouds were being blown around gently in the breeze and creating the most stunning patterns throughout the sky.

We began the session early and captured some fabulous shots of the adorable Rocky sitting atop one of the dunes. We had the ocean in the background with the lowering sun behind peeking out from around him. He looked sooo happy sitting there with that giant Staffy smile gazing into the camera. He was such a patient boy modelling for us while he waited for the opportunity to expend some serious energy.

IMG_2550-beach dog.jpg
IMG_2552-beach dog photos.jpg


After his few photos taken on the dunes he went for a frolic along the beach. He weaved in and out of the gentle waves enjoying the freedom and fresh ocean air. 

_PP_5432 running dog.jpg
_PP_5389 dog photo running.jpg

Rocky then decided that enough was enough, it was time to get into the water for some cooling off. I mean what little Staffy boy wouldn't want to partake of a quick dip after such antics!

_PP_5332 WM.jpg
_PP_5337 dog in the waves.jpg

Mel then found a stick and began gently teasing him with it. She was having as much fun as he was dancing through the sand waving the stick above him. The sky had turned a vivid pink and Mel and Rocky looked magical in this beautiful light.

_PP_5490-mum and fur boy.jpg
IMG_2560-Dog and Mum at sunset.jpg

The sun began to dip a little lower and the gorgeous sunset colours began to make themselves known. A deep yellow appeared, and we captured Rocky whisking by, following the line of the water with the blazing yellow as a most stunning backdrop.


Soon the sun dipped down low onto the horizon and the deepest colours of yellows and oranges made their appearance. Their energy expended, Mel and Rocky enjoyed the radiance of the setting sun and contemplated how beautiful nature can be. With the feel of the cool water on their feet they felt refreshed and invigorated, also a little worn out after their playful antics. They crouched down together and bid farewell to the day. 

IMG_2566-dog on beach.jpg
IMG_2571-sunset dog photo.jpg

They turned to each other and gazed lovingly into each others eyes. Silent thoughts of love, acceptance and pure gratitude were flowing between them, as they contemplated the blessing they've been given of having each other in their lives.

IMG_2575-Hillarys Beach dog silhouette photos.jpg

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