Where should I groom my pet before their big photo shoot? These are my recommended dog stylists in Perth, WA

Your pet’s photo shoot is scheduled tomorrow, and you have just noticed that your once gorgeous and elegant furry friend isn’t in the best shape they could be for a photo shoot. In fact, she looks like they just went through a washing machine or got stuck in a bush.

You look at them in more detail, and when you do, you notice their claws are long and cracked, ears are dirty, hair is opaque and stiff, eyes are covered with weird green things and you think:
“My pet deserves to look better, I shouldn’t let this happen, ever again”

I'm sure that's not you.. :) But you may still find your pet could do with some sprucing up before their upcoming pet portrait session.

Even if your pet is in pretty good shape, they might love a bit of pampering to give them an extra shine for their photos, at least after they realise that it isn’t that scary to go and get groomed. A pet photo session isn’t just your usual trip to Fremantle’s dog beach. It's important that your pet looks as good as they can to get the best photos possible, so if you want your pet to look awesome, and if you aren’t sure about where to start, here are my recommended dog groomers in Perth:

K9 Playtime


Located in Jandakot, one of Perth's southern suburbs, is K9 Playtime. With a friendly and very professional staff, you will be impressed when you see your dog getting excited every time you take them to their place!

Emily and Rob are definitely recommended, they really are one of the best dog grooming services in Perth, and they also offer doggy daycare. They’ll even return your dog to you wearing an adorable bow or a bandana, you can’t be more stylish!

W. A. Dog Grooming and Clipping Academy


This dog grooming academy also offers animal grooming courses, and they do know a thing or two about pet style!

They use top quality products, and are very well prepared to groom many different breeds. Although most of the time, they work with larger breeds (that is their specialty) so don’t be afraid of taking your big boy there.

They are in Kelmscott. So if you want your pet to look the best she has ever looked in her life before her photo shoot, please do bring them here and see it for yourself.



If you’ve been living in Perth for a while, chances are that you’ve seen Petbarn’s big yellow building. There are 5 different Petbarn centres around Perth, and these guys are great at what they do.

What is that? Well, everything related to pets. Seriously, vets, food, adoptions, insurance, pet products. They even have around 100 hired stylists. And their service can’t be better.
So really, let your dog try one of their deluxe bath and groom services before their big photo shoot. They'll thank you for it and you'll love your photos even more. 


So there are three options for groomers around Perth you can choose from. 

If you need any more pet-related tips or recommendations, or want to organise a pet photo shoot give me a call.